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Novel Babio Baby Wipes Pack of 5 - 80 Wipes In Each Pack

Novel Babio Baby Wipes Pack of 5 - 80 Wipes In Each Pack

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Key Features:

Free of alcohol

pH balanced

Keeps baby's skin soft and smooth

Protects and moisturize baby's skin


Product Description:

The aloe vera plant extract included in this wet wipe formula soothes and cools your baby's skin and leaves it fresh and moisturised. These portable Novel Baby Wipes have fresh and pleasant lemon fragrance that ensures your baby gets a fresh feeling and remains bacteria-free every time his or her diaper is changed. Besides its all-important use during diaper or nappy changes, this product can be used for many other purposes. If your baby has just started walking or has just begun to crawl, he or she is bound to have dirty palms and knees. Use these wipes to clean your toddler after they have explored their home by crawling all day. These wipes can even be used by pre-school children to clean their hands before meals and after playtime. These baby wipes are also a perfect addition to your baby's bag while you are travelling and may not have easy access to water. The pack contains 80 sheets. The re-sealable cover helps to keep the freshness and moisture of the wipes intact. It is highly recommended that you store it in a dry place to keep its freshness intact.

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